Why am I so happy this morning? I literally had one of the most amazing mornings today and I just had to put it down as to why.

it’s incredible and I wish it upon all of you

Maybe I don’t know exactly why, maybe it’s not one thing but it is important when you have these precious moments in life to really reflect on what made them so great. By documenting this incredible feeling, I can only hope that others experience it and I magnify it forward.

This morning started like a normal day, I got up really early.

Now today, I was at the gym by 4:50 a.m., a very early hour, but I got to spend it with a passionate group of people, super positive vibe, everybody working with each other, helping each other, coaching each other, encouraging each other and everything. There wasn’t one person who was just trying to take the limelight in any of that. It was just everybody, a community, a family if you will, one where there is a score, but there is no scorecard against others. Everybody just working together, doing what they can do, being the best they can be and just doing that together at 5:00 a.m., amazing.

I was surrounded by great guys, kind people, very strong women and not just physical strength but women with strong character. These women stood out this morning by the immense kindness and generous sharing of the joy they gave to everyone.

So I had a really great early morning, training, banter, the vibe, just all great.

Fulfilled by 7:00am

I literally have had a maximum moment and it’s 7:00 a.m., right? That’s amazing. I wish this for everyone. I wish you to experience this feeling. How to create this environment and community is in your hands. Literally I believe the culture, community, and what we do with our life is at our opportunity.

How to create a community that lifts you up

Embrace a community, find those that have that vibe, find one person at a time if you have to. If you have to add one person, every year, you’ll have a ridiculously happy life and it will just compound and build year over year. Don’t accept negativity, don’t accept those that bring you down. Limit your exposure to them, embrace those who have that passion and just climb together, just climb and be great together.

Today I started my morning seeing a note from my daughter that says she “loves me and that she misses me” because I’m not going to see her for a couple days. A powerful start that then found me surrounded by a community of such positive people building each other up -it’s incredible and I wish it upon all of you.

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