I find myself challenged and frustrated by the lack of a path and stagnation. I took the school to Masfers route and that only gave me some success. I learned from mentors and personal experience that there are far better ways.

No, you don’t need a mastermind or an expensive package (yes I have been there too) – you need to act without hesitation and courage. I work hard with my select business clients on strategy and digital execution, and these below will serve you very well. I have seen the results personally.

#1 Do the hard things and tackle your fears

Whenever you have fear, lean into it and do that thing as soon as possible. People who live the life they want on their terms have learned how to handle fear and not to let it paralyze them. We address our fear by doing the hard things. That hard conversation, that first sales call (and slamming of phone), that first moment of asking out that beautiful soul (and yes it may not work out, but without action nothing will)

Getting a handle on fear is not easy, but it is critical to success in life.

Fear is holding you back, and it’s the great indicator that successful people see as the signal to push through and get to the other side.

#2  Make a New Friend and Partner

You need new connections in life to move forward. To see change you need to add new people to your life. Those in the same pursuits, similar drive, and with the right mindset. We aren’t adding baggage to our circle, sorry to be harsh, but those who force you to level up and perform..

The more you’re around people who have it all together, the more you can start turning your own life around.

#3 Own everything, Responsibility

It is your fault.

You are in control, and with that responsibility comes peace and satisfaction. Good or bad, you own it.

You picked that book, spouse, business partner, client, hobby, etc…

No complaining. No whining .

It’s impossible to do something positive when you are spending your time making excuses.

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