Are you living authentically? What is your impression on others? When the facade is down and you are just following your heart, what happens?

Imagine a world where every person is doing that — shoot imagine just a few in your core circle doing that, and the happiness they will feel.

But .. really, do you know who you are?

This isn’t a trick question but a revelation I had recently, where despite a deep and constant pursuit of self awareness and mindfulness, I am surprised by what people see. There is also massive upside in having this revelation — it exposes something beautiful.

Who you are today is beautiful. 

Beauty seen by others and then embraced internally is ever so powerful. It both emboldens us to double down on that truth and is a breath of confidence that is powerful for sustaining it.

My revelation began in my writing. That which I did for me as a practice to discover my soul, document my lessons, and boldly to share. This allowed others to give ME insight … a powerful moment.

Social media PR

You have heard it … you see it often .. the online social media versions of people, company, and teams are just highlight reels. Filters, angles, 100s of photos for a single post, and just inauthentic content is rampant. Through these posts though, if you look carefully, you see the persons true heart. Their pain, struggle, and happiness. Their silence and their screaming voice are equally telling.

This doesn’t mean we change how we engage social media, but instead being aware of the PR habits on social media allows you to look beyond these surface sharing posts.

What do others see?

How do you find out — ASK!

I, at least annually, will send a note / text / message to close friends / new friends / work colleagues, and mentors and ask

  • What do you see?
  • What value do you get from me?
  • How can I give others value this year?
  • What would you write in my bio abstract

Rewrite as you need, but send it. I shared these similar questions with my Ma to my longest friends, to folks I just met over the last few months. I am looking for perspective, insights, and unlocks.

I want you to be happy and passionate about who you are, and where you are in life. Station and status is not what I am referring to here, but instead your mental and emotional state in the journey itself.

Your authentic self is the unlock to being happy and making an impact in the world in a way that only YOU can accomplish. You are unique and embracing that truth will be the greatest gift in the world.

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