…when lack of action is the end result.

You have many options to take – daily. For the most part we think of an action and take it. Some are easier than others – should I dunk this chip in the salsa, yes, dunk, done. Some not so easy, should I tell that person hello across the room? (usually the result is an endless cycle of imagined scenarios well past that person leaving without the compliment or hello).

But we are too abstract, lets get to the meat.

When you recognize a point of action, consider it, and then act. You may be right, you may be wrong, but you know what – you’ll learn and find out. In real life. Not some imagined universe. (of course be ethical, honestly)

It is better to try, fail, iterate, and build upon those lessons than to never experience and grow.

Areas where I am thinking too long:

  • Hiring a personal assistant to make sure my time is audited and balanced across all my passions
  • Hiring someone to act as a customer success manager – going above and beyond the average to the delightful
  • Making my 6th Alexa Skill
  • Identifying areas to double down on in Alexa voice world
  • Competing in athletics professionally
  • Hiking Kiliminjaro
  • Embracing my mentoring and coaching passions, by doubling down
  • Releasing videos / vlogs that I have created (over 200, but I am just not convinced they are valuable / ready / excuses++)
  • Selling or renting my house and moving closer to my community
  • Firing old wood
  • Increasing my team size

So .. yes, this list has me on the fence today. Writing it out, actually helps me in this case. Some I see and I am like – yup, that is happening asap. Others, ditch it. My action list is also deeply inflight .. here I am a bit broad but focused on my priority passions, charities, community and personal goals:

  • Continuing my growth in social media content and strategy execution
  • Growing and refining my community building skills
  • Kung fu on Facebook advertisements
  • LinkedIN ads / impressions and targeted awareness
  • Cybersecurity inventions, innovations, and how to build a portfolio of products
  • Cloud cybersecurity strategy – execute and management at the multi-million dollar size across 300+ products and impacting over $5 billion in product revenue
  • Alexa voice design layouts
  • Health and fitness for big four accounting firm consultants (personal wish)
  • Crossfit and complete community in Roswell
  • Eager Daddy to a beautiful little girl pursuing education and insights
  • and more …

So – go forth, DO THINGS that are interesting of your passion and see what happens. Better try everything and live without regret, that to realize you missed your calling and love.

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