Find your center, your passion, and or that which you do. You could be a cybersecurity expert, a fitness expert, someone who likes cutting these in two, or a naturally engaging person who conducts random interviews daily. What each of these example have is it is your true north. Your default behavior.

Embrace that!

Too often I see individuals, companies, startups, etc .. trying to add a new persona to themselves and then trying to build a content strategy around it. This is too artificial and will be seen right through by consumers. In addition it is hard to sustain because this isn’t you – its you + a persona. Exhausting!

Now a caveat, if you have the resources ($$ and time), and hire the team to develop out this new persona that is a natural extension, go ahead! Not the easy path but sometimes you just need to venture down a path to see what happens.

Ok, so I have many mentors and advisors in this area who have built up their online viewerships from 0 to 60k, 150k, to 1m+ on various platforms – youtube, instagram, etc … Of them all I have a great appreciation for those that are sharing methods, and Gary V. is the man. He has a team making this for him, but it is him who has setup the infrastructure to make it all happen.

Here is my advice, inspired through their actions and lessons (check out Andy F., Gary V., if you can handle hard direct advice – not appropriate for kids), to help you scale your content:

  1. Create your centerpiece of content – paper, podcast, video, whatever …
  2. Then take that and begin chopping it for other formats, rinse and repeat

Let’s get specific (ex: scaling content from a video you made):

    • Make a video (hold camera at face and record, or record screen but do just do)
    • Transcribe the audio from your video
    • Cut transcription into long form Medium, LinkedIN, and Facebook articles (adjusting feel for each one – curious, professional, personal)
    • Slice quotes from transcription for 15 second video closed caption for instagram
    • Push audio into podcast (make a nice intro, explain what you are going to say, insert audio from video, and then add takeaways)
    • Create instagram and Facebook posts from quotable elements and then schedule to post
    • Create checklist or quick lessons downloadable PDF / PPT and publish
    • Add links and crosspost for everything above
    • Add mentions to those resonate with your message and content of this volley
    • Send messages to influencers, linkedin, and facebook NEW contacts sharing personal notes on content – offering it and to see how you can help them (GIVE them content)
    • Search on LI, FB, IN, etc .. for topics of your content and post information / content in comments that helps the author or commenters on their posts – PROVIDE VALUE, no selling or “follow me” crap… they will if you deliver
    • Reply to all the comments
    • Rinse and repeat again

Your success is defined by your daily actions. If you do the above, success is possible. If you don’t, it is guaranteed you won’t.


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